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Chub Chillers: Extend the Shelf Life of your Food Products

20 May, 2019
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If you’re in the meat industry, chub chillers are a must. You know how important creating a packaged product actually is for your bottom line. In fact, whether you’re creating logs, molds, chubs or slicks, it’s very important that you have a product you can use effectively. This allows it to safely process your product and bring it to the market as soon and as affordably as possible. For this reason, it’s very important for you to use a high quality chub chiller. With that in mind, here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when opting for a top quality chiller:Chiller

1. High efficiency re-concentration system that’s included in systems
2. Gearbox drive system (enclosed)
3. Blower system (very useful for recovering the chilling liquid and drying the product)
4. Custom design to perfectly suit your needs
5. Completely automated
6. High quality stainless steel build quality

How Chub Chillers Work

When it comes to chub chillers, it’s important to learn more about the way they work so that you can assess how much they can increase productivity and reduce costs. To answer that, liquid chub chillers deliver the produce to the chiller’s entrance by using at least 1 conveyor. If the design is completely automated, then this means that you can greatly reduce labor costs. Better yet, paired with a constant flow design, your product will flow a lot faster making it easier for you to produce more units per hour.

To ensure that the product meets a certain temperature to abide by your particular industry’s safety and quality specifications, a chilled liquid solution will flow through the chiller. What this means is that backing and shipping the product will be a lot easier and faster. This helps you save a lot of money in refrigeration and inventory costs. By choosing to use a top of the line chiller, you can enjoy benefits such as having your product chilled a lot faster than any other similar machines on the market.

What happens after the product travels through the chiller? Well, the next process the product needs to go through is called the blow off process. This can be effectively customized to meet your specific needs. If you want, you can also collect the excess liquid that can eventually be reused in order to reduce costs and boost efficiency. You can do this with the help of a custom reclaim pool. What makes using a top of the line chiller so impressive is the fact that you can greatly improve shelf life, minimize purge. Basically creating a more consistent and higher quality product. Some of these systems also have a small footprint, meaning that you can save a lot of floor space which can be used for other processes.

The Big Picture

When it comes to purchasing a new chiller, without a doubt a very important decision for your business. That is why it must be taken very seriously. You need to carefully analyze the equipment you want to buy, including the mechanical piping systems, electrical power distribution, and building structure. It’s actually paramount that the building you plan on installing the equipment in is also structurally sound.

Have your technicians check the electric power distribution system as well, including switches, motors, conduit, but also wiring, starters, and main circuits. The valves, the air handlers, the pumps, and the mechanical piping should also be properly examined.

It would certainly be a nightmare for the mangers to learn that the shut-off valve failed during installation which in turn caused a system loss or disruption. You should also ask yourself whether the current cooling tower requires replacement, repair or expansions. Or whether it can be used right away.

There are many other elements of the analysis that you should carefully consider. For instance, if there’s an airflow imbalance, then this may draw in humid air from outside through cracks around the doors or windows. As a result, this will increase the cooling load. 

All in all, buying a new chub chiller is a very important decision and one that you certainly need to make after a lot of research. Make sure you know exactly what you require and how it will be implement in your current work space and environment. Additionally, know how much it’s going to improve overall productivity and bottom line. If you require USDA Approved equipment, then Midwest is your best source.

So if you are looking for a superior product in the manufacturing industry look no further than Midwest Metalcraft!
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