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CNC Punching

The CNC Punch is a great asset when it comes to high production, high speed runs. A couple advantages of using a punch is the ability to make PVC parts and the ability to keep protective paper on both sides of SS parts. Punched parts are commonly used in weld up assemblies such as Agricultural machinery, machine parts, cabinet parts, and in assemblies where further assembly is required. The edge quality of a Punch part versus a Laser part are vastly different from one another. A Laser edge rarely needs any de-burring or grinding done, as where a Punch part will have a sharp edge and need de-burred depending on the use of the part. Punch parts are commonly used in weld up assemblies such as Agricultural machinery, machine parts, and cabinet parts.

image003Midwest Metalcraft has amassed a large selection of punch dies that allows us to produce a wide variety parts where our competitors may come up a little short. A CNC punch is only as good as the team of individuals that run it and program it, so we take a great deal of pride in the hard working men and women we have on staff to keep this service as best as it can possibly be.

CNC Punched parts provide you with:

  • Excellent quality for production parts
  • High precision
  • Excellent value
  • Can cut materials up to 7GA (.179)
  • Minimal limitations based on tooling


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