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  • SS Uni-Body Construction

    • – best of the industry food safety & sanitation control

  • Dual Drive System

    • – process flexibility to cut bone-in or boneless product with adjustable top chuck

  • Maintenance Friendly

    • – front & rear access doors for easy operational maintenance

  • Reciprocating Knife Drive with self lubricating gear box for continuous operation

  • Safety features including operator friendly, see thru guard with interlock switch and easy access emergency stop buttons

  • Automatic Ham Sensor

    • – to adjust to the height of the ham & desired ham slice cut thickness

  • Infinitely adjustable slice thickness control thru HMI from 0.100” to 0.500” with undetectable slice variability to assure highest consumer quality

  • Reduce labor in half by operating 4 MMC Dual Machines/Slicing Operator

  • Improved Spiral Slice Quality when using the MMC Dual Slicer due to increased slicing speeds

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