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Spiral Meat Slicers – Saving You Money

23 July, 2019
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spiral meat slicersAt Midwest Metalcraft, we offer only the best quality spiral meat slicers. With stainless steel construction and easy maintenance, our spiral meat slicers are your best choice.

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Ways Midwest Metalcraft will save you money:

  • High Quality Machines
  • Bone-in or Boneless – No problem
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Experience Counts

Quality Spiral Meat Slicers

When you use spiral meat slicers, quality and efficiency don’t have to be at odds in your spiral ham production. High quality machines, like the dual knife spiral meat slicers from Midwest Metalcraft allow your business to process more hams per hour;  no need to sacrifice safety or quality. Thus, we apply our 81 years of experience and stringent Midwest work ethic to our slicers and every product we make.

Our spiral meat slicer’s high quality starts in its 304 Stainless steel uni-body construction. Additionally, we don’t use sheet metal assembly like other manufacturers, which means our product offers best in the industry food safety and sanitation control.

Bone-in or Boneless – No problem

At Midwest Metalcraft, the spiral meat slicers handle both bone-in and boneless product with equal ease. Plus, the adjustable top chuck and dual-drive system give you the flexibility to process hams of all sizes. The automatic ham sensor adjusts to the height of the ham and the desired ham slice thickness. You’ll notice, slice thickness is infinitely adjustable from a tenth of an inch to a half inch thick, allowing you to customize to fit your specific needs on every run. No matter the thickness, the accuracy is high enough for undetectable slice variability. Additionally, the drive chuck speed is also infinitely adjustable from 5 to 29 RPM. Therefore, the increased slicing speeds improve your spiral slice quality. Our machines can cut over 42 hams per hour.

Easy Maintenance

We design our machines to be maintenance-friendly. Front and rear access doors allow easy access for operational maintenance. As you’ll see, the reciprocating knife drive features a self-lubricating gear box for continuous operation. Less downtime for maintenance means more time that your machines are in operation, increasing your plant’s efficiency.

Our machines are designed to double the efficiency of your workforce. Each operator can operate more than one machine at once, cut labor by half on every shift. Over time, this gives you substantial personnel savings.

Experience Counts

To increase your firm’s quality and productivity, call Midwest Metalcraft today. For over 81 years, we have made customized food service machinery that fits the exacting needs of our clients. Consequently, we work with companies of all sizes, whether you produce products for Missouri and the surrounding areas or have the capacity to ship worldwide. Therefore, come to us to learn more about our safe, fast and reliable spiral meat slicers and other food manufacturing tools.

In the market for spiral meat slicers?

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