Midwest Metalcraft Career Opportunities

Tig Welder

Salary Range: $18 - 28/hour
Category: Production

MMEC is an Employee owned Company (ESOP). All employees receive stock annually just for working here.

Pay is based off of experience and capabilities to read blue prints, fabricate, and quality of weld.

Hours: 8 hours / day (Monday - Friday)


  • Welding School or previous welding experience
  • TIG welding on sheet metal experience required
  • Ability to read and understand blue prints including weld specs
  • Ability to problem solve and build parts from blue prints
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Employee must be physically able to lift up to 50 pounds on a regular basis throughout the day
  • Ability to Quality Control parts produced on this equipment.
  • Ability to perform the required Daily Maintenance for this equipment

Authority and Responsibilities:

  • Employee is responsible to Quality Control Product or Services that he performs according to the blue prints and or shop packet documents
  • Employees are held accountable for the quality of product produced.
  • Employee is responsible to document his inspection of parts by initialing the “Inspected By” block on the time card showing the work in progress.
  • Employee is responsible to accurately measure and record labor times.
  • Employee is responsible to accurately record all material used.
  • Employee is required to perform and document all Operator Maintenance
  • Employee is required to follow safe work habits and report any accidents to his Superior.
  • Employees are required to help out as required at other areas as management sees fit.