Custom Fabrication

Laser Cutting

As steel cutting technology goes, the CNC Laser is the top of the line. A Laser's wattage determines the thickness of material it can cut. For instance, our Lasers run at 2000 and 6000 Watts and have the ability to cut up to 1" stainless steel. Now this can vary based on the type of steel, but let's use common mild steel as an example: A Laser cut part can be produced with a tolerance of +/- .005 and the Laser has very few limitations relational to shapes, patterns, etc. If quality is what you are after, then the Laser is your best option.

Laser material limitations are as follows:

  • Mild Steel: 1" Plate to 26 GA
  • Stainless: 1" Plate to 26 GA
  • Aluminum: .190 Plate to .030

We can cut other materials with the Laser but they are reviewed on job-by-job basis. What it comes down to is some materials simply can't be cut with a Laser or need a different procedure used to protect the material.

Aluminum: we can do 5/8” or 16 gauge.

Etching! Yes, the Laser can etch parts as well. To define etching, several of our clients require part numbers, serial numbers, names, and logos the list goes on and on. The customer is able to provide us with a font type, size, and location and we will take care of the rest.



Metal forming takes talent combined with precision to create an accurate part. Midwest Metalcraft applies a great deal of focus to this; we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to the final part. Our clients have various tolerance requirements for each and every part they order, so our team is hard wired to maintain those tolerances. We have recently purchased two new computer aided brakes, that once programmed to the desired part, makes it less difficult for the operators to complete accurately.

Midwest Metalcraft has a total of four press brakes that allow us to meet fast turnaround times that our customers expect. This equipment is maintained by the same people that make the equipment, so that keeps accuracy first and foremost.

Thanks to our vast collection of tooling, we can do most any part that you desire. This, combined with a talented work force, ensures that you get exactly what you ordered. We are able to handle parts from 40" and 40 tons on our small brake to 14' and 250 tons on our largest brake.

Let Midwest Metalcraft be your choice when it comes to your metal fabrication needs.

CNC Punching

The CNC Punch is a great asset when it comes to high production, high speed runs. A couple advantages of using a punch is the ability to make PVC parts and the ability to keep protective paper on both sides of SS parts. Punched parts are commonly used in weld up assemblies such as Agricultural machinery, machine parts, cabinet parts, and in assemblies where further assembly is required. The edge quality of a Punch part versus a Laser part are vastly different from one another. A Laser edge rarely needs any de-burring or grinding done, as where a Punch part will have a sharp edge and need de-burred depending on the use of the part. Punch parts are commonly used in weld up assemblies such as Agricultural machinery, machine parts, and cabinet parts.

Midwest Metalcraft has amassed a large selection of punch dies that allows us to produce a wide variety parts where our competitors may come up a little short. A CNC punch is only as good as the team of individuals that run it and program it, so we take a great deal of pride in the hard working men and women we have on staff to keep this service as best as it can possibly be.

CNC Punched parts provide you with:

  • Excellent quality for production parts
  • High precision
  • Excellent value
  • Can cut materials up to 7GA (.179)
  • Minimal limitations based on tooling


Welding is as much of an art as it is technology, even today. Our AWS certified Artisan welders have a combined experience of over 90 years. This ensures that you are getting both technological experience as well as a lifetime of knowing the best way to get the job done correctly.

Midwest Metalcraft has the ability to TIG, MIG as well as Heliarc weld to meet any of your welding needs.



Innovative and exclusive in design, to roll plate up to 10-15 mm (1/2 inch) thick. Accurate, fast, easy and intuitive, it is the most high-tech plate roll for "light gauge" in the market.


Unlike on a three roll plate rolling machine, there is no need to pre-bend the two edges of the plate first and then roll the cylinder. A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls in a single motion.

The operator needs to only find the correct position of the side rolls to successfully roll the plate.


Different choices of CNC controls are available, from an entry-level, user-friendly CNC to roll parts in automatic mode or more powerful and advanced DAVI CNC controls in the industry which can be self-programmable reducing the need of the most experienced plate roll operator.


Unlike other brands using brake linings that wear out, Davi incorporates the safety of automatic and hydraulic assisted braking for both clamping rolls to ensure accurate plate feeding.


Davi uses only the most state-of-the-art technology, integrating digital Roll by Wire, permanent lubrication and dual Servo-tronic parallel system allowing for ease of operation to produce quality parts accurately and reliably and ensuring the most maintenance-free plate roll on the market today.


PEM Serter

The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® air-over-oil actuating system provides short cycle time for increased productivity and 71.2 kN / 8 tons of force and a 61 cm / 24" throat depth which provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. The press is engineered to promote streamlined job productivity and quality while installing self-clinching fasteners permanently in thin metal sheets. Noteworthy features include touch screen controls to minimize operator training and greatly simplify use; self-diagnostic system to allow an operator to work with increased speed, accuracy and confidence; and enhanced programming for quicker start-up and fast cycling.

Features and Benefits
  • Job search and recall mode allows operators to reference 99 stored jobs and return to previous jobs quickly and easily.
  • Touch-screen and graphics contribute to operator-friendly operation.
  • Multi Language pre-loaded on touch screen.
  • Real-time installation force feedback displayed on screen.
  • Fastener and batch counters.
  • Descriptive screen alerts for operating errors.
  • Smart dwell and force verification.
  • Self-diagnostic system lets operator work with increased speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • LIGHT-STREAM® Operator Safety System provides continuous operator and work-piece protection.